🥂 Congratulations everyone for making it to the end of the semester! 🍻


Anyway, in the last lecture today we gave a (mostly complete) proof of the de Rham Theorem.

As I said approximately three hundred times in class:

This lecture is entirely non-examinable![1]

Enjoy your winter vacation. If you get bored partying, you can always start revising for Differential Geometry instead. Definitely more fun.


In the next couple of days I will bundle the lecture notes together as one pdf file (which you can access from my forum). I will also add a lot of $( \clubsuit)$ symbols to the notes (remember these mark things that are non-examinable). All students who are registered for the exam will receive an email about this later this week.

  1. I still bet someone will panic and ask me about this just before the exams begin… ↩︎

Comments and questions?