This Problem Sheet is based on Lectures 10 and 11

  • Problem 1 asks you identify the exponential map for $G = \mathrm{GL}(n)$. This is the reason for the name “exponential map”.
  • Problem 2 discusses the relationship between left-invariant vector fields and right-invariant vector fields.
  • Problem 3 asks you to complete the proof that $ \mathrm{ad}_v(w) = [v,w]$, which I lazily skipped in class.
  • Problem 4 gives a condition that implies the tangent bundle $T M$ of a smooth manifold $M^n$ is diffeomorphic to $M \times \mathbb{R}^n$.
  • Problem 5 asks you to apply Problem 4 when $M$ is a Lie group.
  • Problem 6 is lots of fun. This proves that any topological space which is simultaneously a topological group and a topological manifold can admit at most diffeomorphism class of smooth structures that turns it into a Lie group.
  • Problem 7 gives a nice way of constructing foliations.

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