• Problem 1 is hell. Enjoy. 😈
  • Problem 2 introduces a Leibniz operator, and asks you to prove they are local operators but not point operators.
  • Problem 3 is a multilinear version of Proposition 20.25.
  • Problem 4 asks you prove the general case of the Tensor Criterion.
  • Problem 5 introduces the notion of a vertical bundle, which will be very useful when we discuss connections in Differential Geometry II.
  • Problem 6 shows that the space of tensor derivations on a manifold can be identified with $\mathfrak{X}(M) \times \Gamma( \operatorname{End}(TM))$.
  • Problem 7 looks horrendous, but it’s actually quite short. If you are scared, try proving the result first for $\mathcal{A}(A,B) = A \otimes B$.
  • Problem 8 is about projective modules over commutative rings, and has nothing to do with geometry.
  • Problem 9 shows that the space of sections of a vector bundle satisfies the hypotheses of Problem 8. This is used at the end of Lecture 21.

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