Will J. Merry

Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems I (Autumn 2019)

This will be a broad introduction to dynamical systems. Topics covered will (tentatively) include:

  • Topological dynamics (transitivity, attractors, chaos, structural stability)

  • Ergodic theory (Poincaré recurrence theorem, Birkhoff ergodic theorem, existence of invariant measures)

  • Low-dimensional dynamics. 

I taught an older version of this course in Autumn 2016. If you are interested, the notes from the previous edition of the course are here. The new notes for this year’s course will be much better 😀 (and will be similar in style and appearance to my Algebraic Topology and Differential Geometry notes, rather than the current “blog” post format that everyone hated…)

Dynamical Systems II (Spring 2020)

Coming soon…