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Other Notes

Other Lecture Notes

Here are some assorted lectures notes I made for older courses I taught.

Disclaimer: Most of these notes are (a) not very good and (b) full of typos and other inaccuracies, which sadly I'm too lazy to fix ...


Consequently I have disabled downloading/printing of the pdfs so as not to unwittingly confuse people. If however you would like a downloadable copy, feel free to use the "Contact Me" form on my homepage.

Floer Theory

Here are notes for a year-long course on Floer Theory I taught in 2014. They borrowed heavily from the excellent book Morse Theory and Floer Homology by Audin and Damian. The last few chapters were intended to discuss Abbondandolo and Schwarz' proof that the Floer homology of a cotangent bundle agrees with the singular homology of the free loop space, but alas, I never got round to finishing them. Someday, perhaps...

Quantum Mechanics via Symplectic Geometry

Here are notes from a course in 2015 that attempted to teach quantum mechanics from a "symplectic" viewpoint. This course was heavily inspired by the fascinating book Function Theory on Symplectic Manifolds by Polterovich and Rosen.

Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems and Stability

Here are notes from 2012 for a more advanced version of the Dynamical Systems II course I taught in Spring 2017. They were based on Shub's book Global Stability of Dynamical Systems.

Here are some very brief notes outlining the syllabus of a student seminar I taught on stable commutator length and quasimorphisms.



Stable Commutator Length and Quasimorphisms

Inverse Problems in Geometry and Dynamics

Here are some notes jointly written with Gabriel P. Paternain on inverse problems. We did originally intend to publish them as a monograph, but laziness struck again...

And finally, here are some notes written by Irida Altman (my wife) on Sutured Floer homology.


Introduction to Sutured Floer Homology