If you are an ETH/UZH student interested in doing a

  • BSc thesis
  • MSc thesis
  • Semester project
  • Reading course

then feel free to contact me.

For MSc theses, you must have a strong background in differential geometry. I am fully booked until Summer 2021!

Previous students:

Here is a list of my previous students. I hope I didn't forget anyone... All projects available here are uploaded with their author's consent. Prospective students might find browsing through them useful.

  • Kathrin Naef, The Gysin Sequence in Morse Homology (MSc thesis, 2013)
  • Mads Bisgaard, On Hamiltonian flows which do not admit conjugate points (Semester project, Spring 2014)
  • Mads Bisgaard, The intersection product on Morse-Bott homology (MSc thesis, 2015)
  • Grace Mwakyoma, A link between Hofer’s Geometry and Aubry-Mather Theory (MSc thesis, 2015)
  • Florian Zeiser, Morse homology of Lagrange multipliers via adiabatic limits (MSc thesis, 2016) ↬ Available here.
  • Davide Dandrea, Low-Energy Closed Orbits in the Restricted Three-Body Problem: a Proof of Existence (BSc thesis, Spring 2017)
  • Arnaud Maret, Interval maps and Li-Yorke chaos (Semester project, Spring 2017) Available here.
  • Alessio Pellegrini, Morse theory (Reading course, Spring 2017) Available here.
  • Kthim Imeri, Introduction to Julia Set Theory (Semester project, Spring 2017) Available here.
  • Florian Rossmannek, An Introduction to Complex Dynamics and the Mandelbrot Set (BSc thesis, Autumn 2017) Available here.
  • Kathrin Naef, Translated points on dynamically convex contact manifolds (PhD, 2014–2018)
  • Arnaud Maret, Forcing relations for periodic orbits of surface homeomorphisms (MSc thesis, 2018) Available here.
  • Niclas Küpper, 4-Manifolds and their Intersection Forms (BSc thesis, Spring 2018) Available here.
  • Alessio Pellegrini, Products and Spectral Numbers in Novikov-Morse Homology (MSc thesis, 2018) ↬ Available here.
  • Gilles Englebert, Axiomatic Morse Homology (BSc thesis, Spring 2018) Available here.
  • Malcolm Cameron, Exotic 7-Spheres (BSc thesis, Spring 2019) Available here.
  • Sylvain Rossi, On an axiomatisation of differential geometry: Synthetic Differential Geometry (BSc thesis, Spring 2019) Available here.
  • David Lanners, Persistence Modules and Barcodes (BSc thesis, Spring 2019) Available here.
  • Florian Rossmannek, Magnetic and Exotic Anosov Hamiltonian Structures (MSc thesis, 2019) Available here.
  • Oliver Edtmair, A counterexample concerning the behaviour of local Floer homology under iterations (MSc thesis, 2019).
  • Shaowu Zhang, Floer homology (Reading course, Spring 2019).
  • Ana Žegarac, First Steps Towards Berger's Classification Theorem (Semester project, Spring 2019) Available here.
  • Tommaso Botta, Algebraic Topology II (Reading course, Fall 2019).
  • Martina Joergensen, Topological Entropy of Rational Maps (Semester project, Fall 2019). ↬ Available here.
  • Emanuel Malvetti, Symplectic Geometric Invariant Theory (Semester project, Fall 2019). ↬ Available here.
  • Matilde Gianocca, Transparent Connections (BSc thesis, Fall 2019). ↬ Available here.
  • Yannis Bähni, The $\omega$-limit set of a family of periodic orbits (MSc thesis, 2019). ↬ Available here.
  • Gilles Englebert, Instanton Floer homology (MSc thesis, 2020) ↬  Available here.
  • Leon Staresinic, Hypercyclic Dynamical Systems (Semester Project, Spring 2020) ↬  Available here.
  • David Lanners, Spectral Sequences: A Geometric Interpretation of the Serre Spectral Sequence (Semester Project, Spring 2020) ↬  Available here.
  • Han Li, Quantum Cohomology of $\mathcal{O}(-2)$ (MSc thesis, 2020).
  • Ana Žegarac, Lagrangian tori in cotangent bundles (MSc thesis, 2020).
  • Sascha Baer, Wild Spheres (BSc thesis, Spring 2020) ↬  Available here.
  • Johanna Düngler, Weighted Cubical Persistent Homology (BSc thesis, Summer 2020) ↬ Available here.
  • Giovanni Ambrosioni, A quick journey from Morse theory to lagrangian quantum homology (Semester Project, Autumn 2020) ↬ Available here.
  • Carl Felix Waller, Formality of $A_\infty$-Algebras (MSc thesis, Winter 2020)  ↬ Available here and here (arXiv).
  • Cédéric R. Hiltbrunner, Eilenberg-Steenrod Axioms, Poincaré Duality and Product Structures on Symplectic Homology (MSc thesis, Winter 2020)  ↬ Available here.
  • Alessandro Imparato, Towards Homological Mirror Symmetry (MSc thesis, Winter 2020) ↬ Available here and here (arXiv).
  • Ghazaleh Asghari Khonakdari, Fidelity and Transversely Intersecting Lagrangians (MSc thesis, Spring 2021) ↬ Available here.
  • Malcolm Cameron, Two Proofs of the Genus Degree Formula (MSc thesis, Spring 2021) ↬ Available here.
  • Nikolaos Adaloglou, Uniqueness of Lagrangians in $T^*\mathbb{R}P^2$ (MSc thesis, Spring 2021) ↬ Available here.
  • Leon Geiger, Introduction to 2-dimensional Topological Quantum Field Theory (Semester Project, Spring 2021) ↬ Available here.
  • Jöran Schlömer, Introduction to Sheaf Cohomology (BSc thesis, Spring 2021) ↬ Available here.
  • Leon Staresinic, Structural Stability in Symplectic Dynamics (MSc thesis, Spring 2021) ↬ Available here.
  • Pedro Pablo Pérez Velasco, Ergodic theory on continuous flows (Reading course, Summer 2021) ↬ Available here.

Current students:

  • Alessio Pellegrini (PhD, Autumn 2018+)
  • Ana Žegarac (PhD, Autumn 2020+)
  • David Lanners (MSc thesis, 2021)
  • Johannes Hauber (MSc thesis 2021)
  • Silvio Barandun (MSc thesis, 2021)