Looking for thesis supervision?

Looking for thesis supervision?

If you are an ETH student interested in doing a

  • BSc thesis
  • MSc thesis
  • Semester project
  • Reading course

then feel free to use the "Contact Me" form on my homepage. For MSc theses, you must have a strong background in differential geometry.

I am fully booked until Autumn 2018 though! 

Previous students:

  • Kathrin Naef: The Gysin Sequence in Morse Homology (MSc thesis, 2013)
  • Mads Bisgaard: On Hamiltonian flows which do not admit conjugate points (Semester project, Spring 2014)
  • Mads Bisgaard: The intersection product on Morse-Bott homology (MSc thesis, 2015)
  • Grace Mwakyoma: A link between Hofer’s Geometry and Aubry-Mather Theory (MSc thesis, 2015)
  • Florian Zeiser: Morse homology of Lagrange multipliers via adiabatic limits (MSc thesis, 2016)
  • Arnaud Maret: Interval maps and Li-Yorke chaos (Semester project, Spring 2017)
  • Alessio Pellegrini: Morse theory (Reading course, Spring 2016)
  • Kthim Imeri: Introduction to Julia Set Theory (Semester project, Spring 2017)
  • Kathrin Naef: Translated points on dynamically convex contact manifolds (PhD, 2014–Feb 2018)

Below are some of the projects I supervised last semester (uploaded here with their author's consent!)

Here are notes written by Alessio Pellegrini on Morse Theory. (Reading course, Spring 2017)

Morse Theory

Here is a thesis written by Kthim Imeri(Semester project, Spring 2017)

Introduction to Julia Set Theory

Here is a thesis written by Arnaud Maret(Semester project, 2017)

Interval maps and Li-Yorke chaos